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Protein–protein interactions are mediated through specific regions (sites/domains) on proteins. Some proteins have two or more regions and these regions can be competitively used by multiple interacting partners. To facilitate comprehension of such complicated interaction patterns, we developed the IRView, a database and viewer of interacting regions (IRs) in protein sequences. As of Nov 2011, the IRView contains 3,417 IRs of human and mouse proteins obtained from several different sources, together with other functional region data, such as InterPro regions, non-synonymous (missense) single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and variant regions. Since all region data in the IRView are stored and displayed as standardized positions on reference sequences, users can intuitively comprehend positional relations of each region to others via the web interface. All records can be easily browsed by clicking the [Search button] at the top of this page or through this link, and can be queried to search proteins of interest. Furthermore, all interacting region data can be downloaded in a tab delimited format from the Download page. The content of the database will be updated regularly.

Reference: Fujimori S., et al. Bioinformatics. 2012 28(14):1949-1950. [doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/bts289]


Species Genes Interacting regions Distinct gene pairs
Homo sapiens 1,347 2,629 2,045
Mus musculus 554 788 658
Total (unique) 1,901 3,417 2,703
Detection methods Genes Interacting regions Distinct gene pairs
IVV 1,241 1,993 1,600
Y2H 754 1,425 1,104
Total (unique) 1,901 3,417 2,703


MITAB data was released in Download page.
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