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Operator Sample queries
AND (default) fos AND jun
fos jun
OR fos OR jun
NOT fos NOT jun
Field Sample queries
gene.symbol gene.symbol:fos
gene gene:"transcription factor"
origin origin:mouse
refseq refseq:(NP_000193.1 OR NP_000475.1)

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Free text ap-1 human
Gene and Origin gene:"amyloid beta" origin:human
RefSeq accession refseq:(NP_000193.1 OR NP_000475.1)
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Your query: refseq:NP_000193.1

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RefSeq ID Gene symbol Origin Number of proteins interacting with annotated regions help_icon
Domain/Motifs SNPs Structured region Variant regions Interacting regions
NP_000193.1 IDS Homo sapiens 1 0 0 0 0
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